Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency Explained by Rap Journalism

Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency was announced last month, and we’ve since heard a lot of explanations and opinions — but, somehow…none of them employed rap 🤔

Rap Journalism leverages the high-engagement, high-throughput benefits of rap to explain and explore the topics of our time in areas like technology, sustainability, current events, and…whatever else I find interesting enough to wanna rap about 😀

This is my first of these videos, so they’ll only get better from here. Clearly also my first time using video software 😅 DM me if you make videos and dig what I’m doing 🖖

You can find me here:


Huge thanks to Sophie Studios for the beat/mix/master!


There were more but I didn’t keep good enough track of them. I’ll be better organized next time 🔥

All images have been made available under a Creative Commons license. Tremendous thanks to all supporting the informational sharing economy! ❤️

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