MC Jarbo – I'll Be Honest ft. Tyrone

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verse 1

fuck cheeseburgers and shit, KFC
nigga, please nothing beats macaroni and cheese
sliced hot dogs in a pan, sweet as can be
man i love all these autistic recipes
from these backwards stupid motherfuckers in my discord chat
but Matt, how you gonna diss your friends like that?
are you really this dumb?
dumb enough to let them record my ass for like the last six months
you know what i really hate?
my dick won’t elevate, and i’m not even thirty eight
my gut’s in the way, tired every day
of hearing my girl fucking the entire NBA
dude, what are you gonna do next?
she’s way past having unprotected sex
guess i’ll be bringing up somebody’s rejected kids (Tyrone)
cleaning up somebody’s ejected jizz (Tyrone)
bunch of black guys standing outside (Tyrone)
ninety one African dongs in sight
and i’m hiding under the fucking bed, beating my bone
from a safe space, i don’t wanna be meeting Tyrone
face to face, in case i get a punch to the head
like when i said he should be paying at least some of the rent
uh Tyrone, are we good? are we good? oh god no!

chorus x2

i’m not gonna lie, not gonna lie
i’m not gonna lie, not gonna lie
i’ll be honest with you guys (stop lying to me)
stop lying to me

verse 2

my channel is dead as they come, only people on it
are there to call me a fat fucking faggot in the comments
Ethan Ralph is always calling me dishonest
maybe that’s because he’s nothing but a redneck alcoholic
Pesos is just a Mexican midget on his leash
Dick Masterson’s the sociopathic freak
(with them beady little eyes), the quartering is just a bore
would you please move your fucking arms more?
god, Magog made some very good decisions
the other motherfuckers had no idea what they were missing
now i suck multicultural dick
not for money, literally just doing it for kicks
beta cucking form, ready to prep the bull
give me a mouth full of niggas that will never be born
i kid, i kid Tyrone
help yourself to the bitch, just stay out of the fridge

chorus x2

i’m not gonna lie, not gonna lie
i’m not gonna lie, not gonna lie
i’ll be honest with you guys (stop lying to me)
stop lying to me

i ain’t done with you man…

verse 3

yo it’s the J to the A, the R, the BO
the motherfucker smells like chicken and B.O.
figured you out, you work at Walmart (night shift)
yeah no wonder your life is so hard
go record your videos but nobody sees it though
everybody sees a broke bitch with a cheating ho
man you a cuck, you suck dick
you let every one of my bros fuck your girl in the butt quick

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