Miracle [Viper] Immortal Pro Gameplay – Dota 2

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Viper, the Netherdrake, is a ranged agility hero who functions as an excellent nuker, ganker and carry due to his assortment of low-cooldown spells and debilitating attacks. His modus operandi is to whittle away his opponents’ vitality over long stretches of time while they fail to inflict fatal damage. To that end Viper wields magic-based abilities focused on inhibiting speed and defenses. He infects his quarry with Poison Attack, a seemingly innocuous liquid that rapidly burns away more health as they became sicker, while drowning them in noxious pools which block their innate powers. Meanwhile Corrosive Skin fortifies him against magic damage and poisons those who dare strike him. For impervious foes he reserves his most powerful venom, Viper Strike, as a surprise gift. A slow tank that dominates the early stages of a game, Viper depends on consolidating that advantage before opponents can afford to exploit his weaknesses.

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