New College ROOMMATES, Will We Get Along???

We’re SO excited to be moved into our new house with our NEW #college roommates! Wanna meet them? Here’s your chance! Would you want to be one of our roommates, and why? Will we get along? 😍

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We are SO happy to have met Tina & Bethany during our Freshman year at #Baylor University! We were nervous going into that year of college, because we didn’t know anyone in Waco. By the end of the #school year, though, we had made some of the best friends that we could have ever asked for!

We met Bethany last year, because she lived in the same #dorm hall as us, and we met Tina through mutual friends! We were so excited when the stars seemed to align and we found out that we would for sure be living together this year, because we all seriously have so much fun together! The hard part will be to remember to get sleep, since pretty much every night is going to feel like a girls night with our best friends and a slumber party!

We hope that through this video you guys feel like you know our roommates a little more, and TRUST US, you’ll be seeing a lot more of them in future videos!

Stay tuned for my (Bailey’s) ROOM TOUR coming very soon! How do you think I decorated it? Comment below!

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What did you think about our roommates? What other twin videos would you like to see us film? Comment below!

💋’s – Bailey


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