Titanic Survivor Claims an Iceberg Didn't Destroy the Ship

Have you ever met a person who hasn’t ever heard the story of Titanic? Unlikely. Even if you ask a 10-year-old, they’ll tell you exactly what took down the gigantic ship. However, some survivors of the sinking legend would beg to differ. Here’s one of their stories, and it has nothing to do with an iceberg.

Armenian publicist Vaghinak Byurat was 25 years old in the spring of 1912. He described what happened on his journey to America on the most famous ship in the world in his memoirs. He’s never mentioned an iceberg hitting the Titanic, and always spoke about an explosion. And if what he said was true, something must have caused that huge explosion…

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Young publicist goes to America 0:58
Was it an explosion? 2:24
No chance for survival 4:29
But miracles can happen 5:44
How Vaghinak was saved 6:19
What could have caused that explosion? 7:20
Was there a U-boat? 😮 8:21

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– Armenian publicist Vaghinak Byurat was 25 years old in the spring of 1912. He described what happened on his journey to America on the most famous ship in the world in his memoirs.
– In 1912, Vaghinak published some books together with his father, a famous Armenian writer. His task was to take the books to America.
– They went to bed rather late on April 14, just like on the other nights. Shortly after midnight, something that sounded like a big explosion woke everyone up.
– None of the crew members wanted to say anything, but a few minutes later it was impossible to deny that the Titanic was going underwater.
– Vaghinak put his passport and money in a little bag and tied it around his neck. The Titanic’s bow was already underwater by that time. A lot of people in this situation wouldn’t have dared to take it to the open water.
– The water in the North Atlantic that night was just below freezing, at a scary 28 degrees Fahrenheit (-2 C). The young writer felt his arms and legs go numb, and he was understandably getting weaker and weaker every second.
– Then, he bumped into something. It was a lifeboat! But it was so overcrowded they pushed the young man with a paddle when he tried to stick to the boat.
– Vaghinak woke up alive on board another ship. That ship was the Carpathia, and it was en route to New York with lucky survivors on board.
– 12 days later, a woman came into the room. She turned out to be the person who saved Vaghinak. Missis Astor told the sailors that the young man was her son, and she wouldn’t let them go without him since she’d already lost her husband on the Titanic.
– Vaghinak lived a long and happy life and, as a great storyteller, he shared what happened to him many times. Interestingly, he’s never mentioned an iceberg hitting the Titanic, and always spoke about an explosion.
– It could have been a fire, and quite a lot of people actually believe that theory, saying that coal was burning in the ship’s hull.
– Another theory that explained the explosion claimed that there was a German U-boat involved in the sinking of Titanic.

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