Use Instagram To Get Your Ex Back

— Use Instagram To Get Your Ex Back

Hi, I’m Breakup Brad, Youtube’s resident Breakup expert and relationship coach. I make videos about how to save your relationship from the brink of disaster and win back your ex.

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Post photos of yourself out in the world, having fun. Focus on humour, and keep it positive. You want to portray yourself as a fun, easy-going person who isn’t bitter or upset about the breakup. You want to be doing exciting things that make other people interested in you and curious about your life. And you want to keep things a little vague so that your ex will wonder exactly who you’re with and what you’re up to.

Here are a few things to post:

Pictures out in nature, Selfies, and Progress pics.

One of the best way to get through no contact is self-improvement. This can mean getting a new haircut, changing up your wardrobe, picking up a new hobby or hitting the gym. Whatever you’re doing to improve yourself, post a few before and after pictures… When your ex sees your bulging biceps and homemade birdhouse, they’ll wonder how else you’ve changed and improved. And that’s exactly what you want. (Don’t be too obvious about this though, no shirtless selfies in the bathroom mirror, ok?)

2. Pictures with the opposite sex

Instagram lets you share your experiences with the world. You need to do your best to have experiences that will make yourself look interesting, fun, and desirable. With this in mind, I want you to post pictures of yourself having fun with attractive members of the opposite sex.

3. Take breaks.

This may feel counterintuitive. How can you post less while posting more? What I mean is that you should take a weekend (or even a whole week) off once in awhile. Since you’ve been posting pretty consistently, if you stop for awhile, your ex will wonder where you are and what you’re up to. This will make their mind run wild with jealousy and regret and the only way for them to make that go away, is to talk to you. Mystery is your best friend when it comes to making your ex jealous and getting them back.

Now let’s talk about what not to do on instagram. Here’s the behaviour you want to avoid if you want to have any hope of getting your ex back. This is especially important during your 30 days of no contact.

Don’t make posts about how sad or upset you are. Don’t mention the breakup and NEVER post negative information about your ex. You may succeed in hurting their feelings, but you’ll only drive them further away.

No Contact can be tough because it’s hard to get a good sense of where your ex is at emotionally. Are they thinking about you? Are they moving on? Go to right now and answer a few questions about your relationship to receive personalized advice about your breakup. It only takes five minutes and I’ll tell you whether or not you still have a shot with your ex. That’s

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